RPG Eve of the Genesis App Reviews

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Cool Angebot

Geile spiel ist wie Final Fantasy ^o^

great game!!!

great old school rpg, just like Symphony of Eternity or even final fantasy I really love it!

Im impressed

Its not a fantastic game and its certainly not worth $8.99! Im at level 45ish into the game (Im guessing its near the end) and Im enjoying it. Its an old school game with lots of play time and not too challenging or easy, Id recommend it for the sale price but not full price!

Well Done

Brings back memories and worth picking up on sale.

Nice game

Controls seems good and battle graphics as well Also please add iCloud save so I can play on my iPhone and iPad!!!!

Get it!

I have so many rpg games its not even funny anymore. I havent gotten hooked on any of them but this is another story! This game has cute graphics a good story line and great controls. Only thing I would ask for is a world map.... Get it on sale!!!

1 star only

i do love turn base strategy but the battle scene isnt that great and not to mention kinda laggy when ur walking which made me uninterested .. not smoot unlike final fantasy 3

Great old school RPG.

This isnt just a good retro RPG by mobile phone standards, its a good retro RPG by any standard. The story is pretty bare boned and the combat could be more challenging, but the game is fun. It offers tons of customization options for your characters abilities, a fairly large world to explore, and lots of hidden extras to find.

Another nice rpg

Looks like kemco have been giving us some great old school RPGs get them on sale! But one thing that anoy me a little on all of them when you lvl up you dont get full HP and MP other than that they are great.


This was a really fun rpg on the iOS you should pick it up cause its on sale


So this RPG really is a great game. It does feel like the Mario RPG and Zelda adventure... I just wish I could break boxes and cut grass and find stuff. The hp + sp should really refill on leveling up, it would provide really be a great bonus for the game. I love the game and defiantly recommend it for anyone that loved those games. You really will not be disappointed. I also DIDNT find it laggy at all. Everything works fine on my iPhone... Ive read some reviews saying this game is hard, I am not a hardcore gamer and thoroughly enjoy this game.

Reminds me of the old days

Ill do this in point form . The leveling system is just amazing you dont really have to grind if you dont want to. But for some parts you may want to get the weapons and armor. I do like the way you level up skills but I would have preferred skill points instead. . I wont say anything about the story but it dose make for an interesting read. So far I am 10 hours in which so far the longest rpg I played on the iOS well worth the money . Gameplay is your typical turn based rpg if you like final fantasy you will feel right at home. . It looks really good on my iPod touch 4th gen havent run into any problems. Its a nice throw back to the 16 bit times. .in game you get a monster list which I commend people for putting in. It should be in every jrpg. You get a history selection were you can find info on the game. It has full items,weapons and armor list which is a very nice touch. Overall well worth the price and I reccomend you buy it 7/10


Ive beaten this game so many time! Its been 5 years that im playing and everything is awesome in this game! I like the magics, the skills attacks and the musics are cool! I know every secrets of this game

Good oldstyle JRPG

Cute graphics and designs Nice storyline Very good controls

Finally here

Been waiting for this and it was worth the wait.it has a classic rpg look and feel, love it!


Love these kind of old skool games! Gotta make them more!! And hopefully it comes out on ipad version Or universal will be cool


Well it would be nice and I will give a better review all I get is the title screen and then it drops the app,please fix this or give a refund thanks! :/

Christmas Has Come Early?

It is December 8th/9th and KEMCO has released another one of the RPG series theyve made in Japan and brought in with a translation. Good RPG game like usual, also has the Auto feature for easy playing like the other 2 RPG games by KEMCO in the App Store right now. Square Enix also released Chrono Trigger today, Christmas must have came early. Is there no option to choose which target to attack via Effat early on in the game?

great rpg

if u r into a rpg game.. this is a must buy game.


i just bought the game and it says i didnt!!!!!!!!!

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