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RPG Eve of the Genesis app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 3424 ratings )
Games Role Playing Adventure
Developer: Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.
6.99 USD
Current version: 1.0.8, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 18 Feb 2011
App size: 15.97 Mb

Eve of the Genesis

Way, way back, the Empire of Gadalia, a mighty state, controlled the lands in which the game is set, and the islands around those lands.
That empire was ruled by mechanical beings in the form of men, and the humans were under their control.
It is unclear from what period humans fell under the control of the machines.
There is the legend that robots came down from the heavens, but so long has passed now that to be certain of how things began is nigh on impossible.

Why must humans be subject to those with no blood in their veins?- Finally, this ill-feeling led to the humans raising the flag of revolt against the machines.

The clashes between humans and machines developed into a huge war that engulfed each and every land, with no victory in sight. Into this stalemate the machines introduced the strongest killing machine of all, designed to achieve ultimate victory: the Eve of Zero...

Now, 2000 years later…

■ A simple and classic RPG

Easy and fun to play, for anyone from beginners to seasoned gamers.

■ Beautiful, old-style graphics

The dungeons contain many traps, and are satisfyingly challenging. You will need to explore every inch of the dungeons, to open the doors to paths that will enable you to proceed.
The characters are rendered in a classic, eight-bit style, and appear completely old-style when they move, one next to the other, but they are beautifully detailed and a delight to watch.
Dont miss the butterflies that flutter through the towns, the reflections of the characters in pools and rivers, and the many other wonderful details!

■ Flexible character development and easy battles

Battles are simple and straightforward to control. Direct control makes for a stress-free game.
By using stronger skills, you can deal with a number of enemies in one fell swoop.
Using gems, you can strengthen the skills you have acquired, changed their elements, and so on. Customize skills to suit your preferences, and develop your characters in just the ways you want to!

■ Complete with a variety of record books

The skills and items you have gained, the monsters you have encountered, and so on, are all recorded in the record books.
This convenient feature allows you to check a whole range of information, for example the items you gain when you defeat a certain monster.
It could even be said that you have only really cleared the game when you have completed all the record books!

* From iOS 8 you will need to change the device language settings to English to have the gameplay in English. *

Supported models:
This game operates on second generation and later iPhone3GS/iPod touch (later than iOS3.0).
The game will not run correctly on the first generation iPhone 3G and iPod touch.

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Pros and cons of RPG Eve of the Genesis app for iPhone and iPad

RPG Eve of the Genesis app good for

great old school rpg, just like Symphony of Eternity or even final fantasy I really love it!
Its not a fantastic game and its certainly not worth $8.99! Im at level 45ish into the game (Im guessing its near the end) and Im enjoying it. Its an old school game with lots of play time and not too challenging or easy, Id recommend it for the sale price but not full price!
Controls seems good and battle graphics as well Also please add iCloud save so I can play on my iPhone and iPad!!!!
I have so many rpg games its not even funny anymore. I havent gotten hooked on any of them but this is another story! This game has cute graphics a good story line and great controls. Only thing I would ask for is a world map.... Get it on sale!!!
This isnt just a good retro RPG by mobile phone standards, its a good retro RPG by any standard. The story is pretty bare boned and the combat could be more challenging, but the game is fun. It offers tons of customization options for your characters abilities, a fairly large world to explore, and lots of hidden extras to find.
Looks like kemco have been giving us some great old school RPGs get them on sale! But one thing that anoy me a little on all of them when you lvl up you dont get full HP and MP other than that they are great.

Some bad moments

i do love turn base strategy but the battle scene isnt that great and not to mention kinda laggy when ur walking which made me uninterested .. not smoot unlike final fantasy 3
Been waiting for this and it was worth the has a classic rpg look and feel, love it!
Love these kind of old skool games! Gotta make them more!! And hopefully it comes out on ipad version Or universal will be cool
Well it would be nice and I will give a better review all I get is the title screen and then it drops the app,please fix this or give a refund thanks! :/
It is December 8th/9th and KEMCO has released another one of the RPG series theyve made in Japan and brought in with a translation. Good RPG game like usual, also has the Auto feature for easy playing like the other 2 RPG games by KEMCO in the App Store right now. Square Enix also released Chrono Trigger today, Christmas must have came early. Is there no option to choose which target to attack via Effat early on in the game?
Im Definatly happy to see a PRICE DROP on this I Know Its GOing to Be LEGIT. I LOVE ALL RPGS!!! :P