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This game is amazing!


Support iphone 5 will be even better.

Excelent game!

It have been remove from the US market in the app store :(. .. This is an excelent game, nice gameplay, story, I enjoy this game a lot Even if you finish the game you need to complete some part of the story (side quest) and another castle. I really recomend this game if you are an RPG fan


Decent little rpg if your looking for some old school action Auto battle Amusing characters On sale for $.99 how can you go wrong? Only real complaint is the dpad is a little small

Great game

Very fun old school rpg

Great game!

Another good game by Kemco, definitely worth buying! The d-pad is a little unresponsive sometimes but has never effected game play. Overall amazing game!!


I really like this game but can somebody help me? I'm stock in the second quick sand area right after you fight the gaunt ants and meet Cilla the first time. I've been walking around for hours help me get out!!! ( by the way I think it's worth it now that it's on sale)

Not worth 8$

Dont bother waste 8 $ on this game, the story is mediocre, game play direction confusing, and random batter occur way too often, item for no enemy r too expensive for ur budget, any way decent game

Pretty bad.

I wanted to like this but it is pretty bad. Terrible story telling and dialogue. I love Old school 8/16 bit graphics but this just looks slapped together. Music is repetitive. Etc.

Amazing Game, Hear Me Out!

Only iOS game availible to satisfy my Dragon Warrior Monsters hunger, couldn't ask for more, except more! ^^

Only buy if you're craving a barebones 8-bit-era RPG

I'm what many would consider a JRPG fanatic, and I'm a sucker for RPGs that appear to be of the 16-bit era, but Eve of the Genesis was easily one of the most generic RPGs I've experienced. The core design is solid -- the character potraits are stereotypical anime, but well-done, there are a few decent songs out of the six that are repeated ad nauseam throughout this 9-hour adventure, and the smooth interface is perfectly suited to iPhone, but this game feels nowhere near as creative or fun as your average person's first RPG Maker project. I'm not opposed to simplistic, cliche stories as long as they are done well and have at least one unique aspect to them, but this story reeks more than a diaper with a fresh deposit of human waste. A conflict between humans and robots isn't necessarily a bad idea, but mindlessly wandering through environments knocking off palette-swapped robots bosses that look supsiciously like dragons makes Bubsy 3D look like an epic quest. I get it, this game had a small team, but the amount of generic palette-swamped monsters is inexcusable considering this game normally goes for $9. Eve of the Genesis also lacks character interaction and development -- which is no surprise when they have less personality than the robots they're resisting. Your merry band of travellers consists of a blonde, over-protective swordsman, a fiesty young woman who's reasonably skilled in magic and ranged combat, a quiet intellectual who excels in magic, and a lancer who randomly gets amnesia (which you can cure through a side quest, but doesn't do a thing to restore personality to this empty vessel). Besides the barebones story and character development, you'll also bear witness to some of the ugliest environments you've seen in an RPG since the early Ultima and Dragon Quest games. The character sprites look decent, but the ugly, mundane towns and dungeons make rural Iowa and fox holes look exciting. Fortunately, the battle and equipment systems have a little more substance. Battles play out like an early Final Fantasy game with your party lined up on the right and static enemies on the left. You'll input commands through touch menus and you'll trade blows with your immobile enemies. You'll gain levels incredibly fast, and you'll earn experience and gold (the latter allows you to purchase skills and equipment at shops). Skills can be equipped and modified with gems and you can equip a weapon, a piece of armor, and an accessory on each character. If you're looking for a rudimentary iPhone RPG, I'd recommend skipping this and going with the early Final Fantasy games when they're on sale. If you've alread played those, then you might want to consider this while it's on sale for a $1, but keep in mind that there are much more creative (albeit flawed) RPGs that pay homage to the 16-bit era such as Black Sigil for the DS.


The d-pad is sluggish/ unresponsive at time I also wish they added an option to make it bigger other than that this is a classic style rpg that every rpg lover should get. FF/dragon quest style game. (note: to developer add the option to make the d-pad bigger and fix the lag time on the d-pad and this easily hits 5 stars with me)


The controls feel sluggish the frame rate is so slow =(

Worth it.

Really enjoyed this game. I really like how you can play more after you beat it! The only negative would be the story could use tweaking.

Pretty great.

It really isn't a bad game. The 'joy stick' thing really could be updated. It doesn't seem sensitive enough. I am really liking the story line, and it really reminds me of final fantasy. Thanks for this sale. <3

Turn based RPG

Nuff said. If this had come out on an older system it would have been an instant classic.

Gnarly (:

This is the best rpg I've seen in the app store. I really wish they would bring FFVII to the app store then that would change that :O but this is cute and very old school, I enjoy the gameplay. Could be better, you could add better skills, dating elements, etc etc. I really love that the main female is a longa haired brunette and not some unusal hair colored elf or something overused. This is great! Thanks for bringing a good rpg to the ipod! I've been waiting for one!

Thank you for this gem~

Definitely the best out of the 3 RPGs that your company released! Thank you for making my month! Please continue to make more RPGs like these!!! Update: Nice post-game bosses and goodies!


- Short: 9h 30min taking my time, (Not trying for collecting everything possible) - Bad story telling, no side missions. - OK hidden treasures - OK combat. - Good amount of equipment for the length - The main point seemed to be grinding the same monster 'till it dropped it's 'rare' item so you could have 'completed' the game. It'll give you a fix if you're craving some old school RPG, but not note worthy.

Good but short

Ugh..the main character is hot! Anime blonde hair and blue eyes...beautiful. Wasn't challenging at all for me, probably because I leveled way too much in the beginning. Symphony of eternity is better in my opinion.

NIce. (Just A Note.)

Im Definatly happy to see a PRICE DROP on this I Know Its GOing to Be LEGIT. I LOVE ALL RPGS!!! :P


i just bought the game and it says i didnt!!!!!!!!!

great rpg

if u r into a rpg game.. this is a must buy game.

Christmas Has Come Early?

It is December 8th/9th and KEMCO has released another one of the RPG series they've made in Japan and brought in with a translation. Good RPG game like usual, also has the Auto feature for easy playing like the other 2 RPG games by KEMCO in the App Store right now. Square Enix also released Chrono Trigger today, Christmas must have came early. Is there no option to choose which target to attack via Effat early on in the game?


Well it would be nice and I will give a better review all I get is the title screen and then it drops the app,please fix this or give a refund thanks! :/


Love these kind of old skool games! Gotta make them more!! And hopefully it comes out on ipad version Or universal will be cool

Finally here

Been waiting for this and it was worth the wait.it has a classic rpg look and feel, love it!

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